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12th March - 3rd of May 2014
Oleg Dou - 8 years Retrospective

6th December - 26th February 2014
The Unpublished

13th September- 17th November 2013

Am i beautiful?

15th May - 30th July 2013


13th March - 12th May 2013
Igor Moukhin "My Moscow"

11th December2012 - 2 February 2013
" Body. Revealed ",group show RTR Gallery, Paris

24th May 2012
Chris fortescue
« Search and Rectify », RTR Gallery, Paris

12th April  - 19th May 2012
Jean Philippe Charbonnier et Antanas Sutkus « Amours libres » RTR Gallery, Paris

3th March - 7th April 2012
 Margo Ovcharenko « Furious like a child » RTR Gallery, Paris

5th January- 3th March 2012
Oleg Dou « Another Face » RTR Gallery, Paris

03th Novembrer - 24th december 2011
Jiri Hanke et Sergey Maximishin « Story and History »  RTR Gallery, Paris

24th June 2011
Projection of "Landamscapes" series of Shunsuke Ohno at "La Nuit de l'Image", organized by the Lauzanne Museum, Switzerland

26th May 2011
"Cheburaska 2" of Oleg Dou, charity reception for Japan, White gallery, Moscow

25th May - 30th June 2011
Peter Bock-Schroeder « Going East », RTR gallery, Paris

11th - 15th May 2011
Exhibition of "Hermitage" series of Margo Ovcharenko within the "New York Photo Festival"

13th April - 21st May 2011
Shunsuke Ohno « Landamscapes », RTR gallery, Paris

April 2011
The Artprice company, leader of the information on art value, has graded Oleg Dou in the top 3 of the under 30 years old photographers the best saled in public auctions. One of his photographs “Nun2”, was auctionned recently at Philiips de Pury in London for 12 417 euros + charges (that is +/- 15 500 euros) based on an estimation of 6/8 000 euros.

7 April - 22nd May 2011
Margo Ovcharenko, "Re-Generation 2, photographers of tomorrow", Azzedine Alaïa gallery, Paris

28th March 2010
Piasa auction sale, directed by Agnès de Gouvion St-Cyr : two photographs of Sergey Maximishin (small size, 30 x 45 cm) were auctioned for 1 800 euros each based on an estimation of 1500 euros.

22nd February - 9th April 2011

Oleg Dou, « Cubs », RTR gallery, Paris

13th January - 20 February 2011
Antanas Sutkus,« Intersections », RTR gallery, Paris

16th November - 2nd January 2010

« The Object of [Sex and] Desire », group show, RTR gallery, Paris
With this exhibition, Russiantearoom takes a new path and goes international.

20th - 24th October 2010
Russiantearoom presents a solo show of Dmitry SOKOLENKO during SHOW OFF ART FAIR, Pont Alexandre III, Paris

19th October - 14th November 2010
Oleg Dou, recent works, RTR gallery, Paris

12th October - 30th November 2010
"Russians ! Russian photographic portrait. 1960-2010", Group show, OREL ART gallery, Paris

17th september - 11th November 2010
"L'exquis et l'Obscur" with
Oleg Dou, Sabine Pigalle et Kimiko Yoshida, galerie D.X, Bordeaux

4th September - 16th October  2010
"Relative Showroom" by Anastasia Bolchakova, RTR gallery, Paris

7,8,9 of July 2011
Liza Fetissova attends as an expert to the Photo Folio Review of the Rencontres d'Arles

24th June - 2nd August 2010

"Morphology of Red. Episode I" with Laurent Fiévet, Shunsuke Ohno, Dmitry Sokolenko, Natalia Taravkova, RTR gallery, Paris

27th May - 19th June 2010

Perfectly slick on the surface", Hôtel Marron de Meillonnas, Contemporary Art Center of Bourg-en-Bresse

11th May - 20th June 2010
"Workers" by Sergey Maximishin, RTR gallery, Paris

15th April - 8rd May 2010

"La boulangerie" by Anastasia Bolchakova, RTR gallery, Paris

14th March - 13th Juin 2010

"Russian artists, an art superlative", Group show, St André Abbey, Meymac

20th February - 27th March 2010

"Toys story" by Oleg Dou, Flatland gallery, Netherlands

11 February - 28 March 2010
"Moderato", Igor Savchenko and Shunsuke Ohno photographs, RTR gallery, Paris

3rd - 7th February 2010
RTR gallery is on ART Rotterdam with photographers Oleg Dou, Sergey Maximishin, Evgeny Mokhorev, Igor Savchenko and Dmitry Sokolenko.

22 January - 7 March 2010
"Look me in my eyes - new russian photography", Evgeny Mokhorev and Margo Ovcharenko
Photographic Center, Copenhagen (www.photography.dk)

21 January - 28 February 2010
"Russian Tales", Katerina Belkina, Anastasia Bolchakova, Oleg Dou, RECYCLE, Marcin Sobolev, Dmitry Sokolenko, Ilya Starichkov, Natalia Taravkova, Dasha Yastrebova, Dunya Zakharova.
EXPRMNTL Gallery, Toulouse

5 January - 19 February 2010
"Young Russian photography", Anya Maysuk, Tatiana Plotnikova, Alexandra Demenkova
Kremlin-Bicêtre Theater

10th December 2009 - 19th January 2010
"Christmas Flesh", group exhibition, RTR gallery, Paris

29 October - 6 December 2009
Evgeny Mokhorev solo show, RTR gallery, Paris

23rd - 26th October 2009
RTR gallerys is presents on SLICK at the Centquatre, Paris.
Anastasia Bochakova (performance), Oleg DOU (photographs), Sergey MAXIMISHIN (photographs), RECYCLE (sculpture), Dmitry Sokolenko (photographic objects), Dunya Zakharova (embrodery, objects)

17 October - 6 December 2009
« Last Empire. 20 Years After », Sergey Maximishin solo show at Rencontres Photographiques de Lorient festival, Bretagne

9 September - 18 October 2009
« Penetration », Natalia Taravkova solo show, RTR gallery, Paris

6 September - 4 October 2009
Tanya Leshkina and Irina Popova photographs are at Noorderlicht festival, Holland

September 2009
"Nuns" of Oleg DOU at Givenchy, Paris

25 August - 20 September 2009
Evgeny Mokhorev exhibition,
with Roger Ballen, Jeffrey Silverthorne, Aino Kannisto Wolfsen gallery, Danmark

9,10,11 of July 2011
Liza Fetissova attends as an expert to the Photo Folio Review of the Rencontres d'Arles

7-13 July 2009
« Young Russian Photography », Anya Maysuk, Tatiana Plotnikova, Alexandra Demenkova, IUT, within Rencontres photographiques d’Arles

30 June - 10 August 2009
Russian Fairy Tales, told by Women
Group exhibition of Anastasia Bolchakova, Natalia Taravkova and Dunya Zakharova
, RTR gallery, Paris

29 May - 28 June 2009

"Voidentity",  Tania Leshkina solo show, RTR gallery, Paris

7th - 31th May 2009
Sergey Maximishin and Evgeny Mokhorev solo shows, Art Espace22 gallery, Brussels

4 April - 3 May 2009

Group show "On the trace of Turgenev", Belffroi gallery, Namur, Belgium
Photographic show on the theme of the portrait and landscape by: Katerina Belkina, Alla Esipovitch, Anastasia Khoroshilova, Olga Kisseleva, Sergey Maximishin, Anya Maysuk, Evgeny Mokhorev, Margo Ovcharenko, Dasha Yastrebova

1st April - 3rd May 2009

Oleg Dou solo show at Art Espace 22 gallery, Brussels

17th March - 25th April 2009

Exhibition of 3 photographers of a new generation: Anya Maysuk, Tatiana Plotnikova, Alexandra Demenkova

Domus gallery, Lyon

9 Avril - 17 Mai 2009

In a mad house atmosphere for this exhibition of abstract photography, RTR discloses the mad bet of Dmitry SOKOLENKO: to represent masterpieces of the world's greatest litterature...
12 photographic objects, 12 great russian novels of the XIXth century.

2nd April - 2nd Mai 2009
First international exhibition of Oleg DOU's new serie "Tears", at Espace Art 22, Brussels

27th - 30th March 2009
RTR gallery is on
Slick dessin '09, Paris and presents the work of 4 young artists: Roman Ass, Marsin Sobolev, Natalia Taravkova and Dunya Zakharova

17 February - 6 April 2009
"Look me in the Eyes", Russian photographic portrait
Oleg DOU, Marina Lapina, Sergey Maximishin, Evgeny Mokhorev, Evgeny Petruchansky, Margo Ovcharenko, Igor Savchenko, Dasha Yastrebova

16 January - 8 February 2009

Ancien Musée de la peinture, place Verdun, Grenoble
Exhibition of 7 artists of the new generation: Katerina BELKINA, Anya MAYSUK, Marcin SOBOLEV, Dmitry SOKOLENKO, Ilya STARICHKOV, Dasha YASTREBOVA,, Dunya ZAKHAROVA

11 December 2008 - 15 February 2009
Marcin Sobolev "Partisans of Freedom", first solo show in France. Paintings, acids, drawings, installations

7 November - 10 December 2008

Solo show of Igor Savchenko "The Picture Behind Him", for the first time in France, within the Month of Photography in Paris (official selection)

18 september - 5 november
First solo exhibition of Anya Maysuk at SMALL&CO gallery

6 september -26 october 2008
Igor Savchenko photographs are shown within Noorderlicht festival, Netherlands

7 -15 july 2008
Alexander Gronsky photographs are presented by Photo Europa at Arles

8 - 10 july2008
Sergey Polakov participates at Arles Off festival

29 june - 6 july 2008
Liza Fetissova, reads lectures "Profession of a gallerist" within the summer course, Fotodepartament, Saint-Petersburg

19 june - 20 august 2008
Group exhibition "RUSSIAN FAIRY TALES".  The theme is interpreted by young Russian artistes by means of different instruments:
Evdokia Zahkarova (embroidery, drawing), Artem Mishukov (drawing), Dasha Yasterbova (photo), Katerina Belkina (photo), Marcin Sobolev (sculpture, painting), Yulia Kimaeva (drawing, video) at SMALL&CO Gallery

24 april - 10 june 2008
First solo exhibition of Ilya Starichkov at RTR gallery, Paris

12 March 2008
Two photographs of Oleg DOU are sold at « Russian sales » at Sotheby’s auction, London. Tight 2 at 8 125 £ and White at 7 500 £
10 March - 18 April 2008
Sergey Maximishin personal exhibition at Grazia Neri Gallery, Milan

10 March-10 April 2008
Solo exhibition of Oleg DOU at Small&Co gallery, Paris
February 2008
Photographs of Oleg DOU are exhibited at ARCO fair, Espagne
7 February - 6 March 2008
First solo exhibition of Evdokia Zakharova drawings at SMALL&CO gallery
10-13 January 2008
The photographs of Sergey Maximishin are present at the booth of Duncan Miller Gallery within LA Photo fair, Los Angeles
January 2008
Two new young artist join our agency: the photographer Marina Lapina and the painter Evdokia Zakharova
14 December 2007
Oleg DOU print Nun2 was sold for more then 30 000 euros at the auction at the most respected house of Kieselbach, Hungary
22 November 2007- 31 January 2008
Solo exhibition of Dmitry SOKOLENKO, for the first time in France, is held at RTR Gallery
November 2007
Acquisition of 7 Sergey Maximishin prints by FNAC (National Foundation for Contemporary Art), France
13 November 2007
Release of the French edition of  "The Last Empire. Twenty Years After" book by Sergey Maximishin, produced by RUSSIANTEAROOM
13 November - 24 December 2007
Personal exhibition of Sergey Maximishin within RESONANCE contemporary art festival, Lyon
30,31 October
Presentation of RUSSIANTEAROOM at Branly Museum within PHOTOQUAI festival. 
18 October - 20 November 2007
Oleg DOU, solo exhibition, RTR gallery, Paris
18th October 2007
Our own space, RTR Gallery, a new gallery specialised in Russian contemporary art, opens at 1, av. Trudaine, 75009, Paris
October 2007
Oleg DOU receives 1st prize (Nuns) and 2nd prize (Naked Faces) of International Photography Awards
Oleg DOU receives 1st prize "Photography of the Year" of International Colour Awards
1-15 September 2007
Solo exhibition of Sergey Maximishin, Visa pou l'Image Festival, Perpignan, France
Publications in: Le Monde (front page), VSD(portfolio), Libération, l'Humanité, Le Figaro, Revue(portfolio)
2 August- 8 September 2007
Oleg DOU solo exhibition, Duncan Miller Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
6 July 2007
Projected presentation of Monde 2 within La Nuit d'Eté opens with photographs of Oleg DOU. Rencontres Photographiques d'Arles, France
7 June - 1 July 2007
Exhibition of Oleg DOU at Espace Art 22 à  Brussels, Belgium.

December 2004 - May 2005

September 2004
First contract with Vladimir CLAVIJO-TELEPNEV and his first solo exhibition in France

Dmitry Sokolenko, "Eugene Onegin (Pushkin)", from "XIX" series, 2007
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Sergey Maximishin, "Crossing Irtysh River", Tobolsk, 2005
<   +   >

Tania Leshkina, from "Voidentity" series, 2009
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Igor Savchenko, from "The Alphabet of Gestures" series, 1993
<   +   >

Margo Ovcharenko,"Rita", 2008
<   +   >

Oleg Dou, "Alina", from "Sketches" series, 2008
<   +   >

Peter Bock-Schroeder, "Russia", 1956
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Shunsuke Ohno, from "Tokyo 1 sec" series, 2009
<   +   >

Margo Ovcharenko, from "Hermitage" series, 2010
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Sergey Maximishin, "Tea Time Break", St Petersburg, 2003
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Antanas Sutkus, "Pionnier. Ignalina", 1964
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