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Natalia Taravkova « Penetration »

10th September - 18th October 2009

RTR gallery, Paris

A unique piece, designed in situ, covers the window in avalanche and throw itself into the space of the gallery, calming and flowing, covering the floor to the basement. The aggressive but also tender and enveloping mass in action, takes us downstairs, where the "eggs" live. The "eggs", "Ode to my parents," are objects that represent the male/female opposition. Some are empty. Just the fragile thread-woven shell, soft and welcoming. But wanting to be filled with the same substance as the wave of foam. The drawings add to the installation, in color, repeating the same patterns of curves and lines. Taravkova Natalia,a young artist, with the academism of classical painting, invents the forms of life that smoothly absorb us.