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« Russian Fairy Tales, told by Women »

30th June - 10th August 2009

RTR gallery

Group show with Anastasia Bolchakova, Natalia Taravkova and Dunya Zakharova

The second volume of “Russian Fairy Tales” has got a feminine touch. Half of the artists presented by the RTR gallery are women. This is beginning to look like a preconception. A verbal slip-up ? The RTR gallery attempts to outline the feminism and the singular femininity of Anastasia Bolchakova, Natalia Taravkova and Dunya Zakharova through their artwork. Each of them owns a distinct signature and  vision of the world, that they gladly convey.

Anastasia Bolchakova “stay home plastic artist” juggles with surrealistic codes, adapted to a trivial reality. Natalia Taravkova, with the academism of classic painting, invents living forms that softly absorb us. Dunya Zakharova, a do-all artist, rocks dolls  that are the incarnation of fears and dreams.

Their worlds are poetic, gentle and sincere. They touch or disgust you, but don’t leave you indifferent. Weak women ?