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Marcin Sobolev « Partisans of Freedom »

11 December 2008 - 15 February 2009

RTR gallery

In this solo show of Marcin Sobolev, first appearance in France, the Russiantearoom gallery presents 14 objects and drawings, gathered in the portfolio « Partisan(s) of freedom» and exclusively created for the exhibition.
Marcin Sobolev has chosen to dévote this exhibition to the freedom of minds, nearly criminal, but always romantic. Marcin Sobolev’s curiosity for marginals, criminals, materially extends to a poetic and tender speech. His own experience nourishes his art:

« Confinement often leads to pure creation. I experienced being under arrest for my will to force my art upon the eyes of everyone. As I was in cell, on a winter night, I realize that misunderstood people had a true artistic potential. A world that gathers criminals, partisans of freedom, prostitutes. A world that bothers as it is worth to remain discrete but not to carry shame all along our life. In front of my dinner every night, I could contemplate that fading yellow tile engraved with thousands of symbols, writings, in all foreign languages or possible dialects in the world. It took me hours to decrypt, read and analyze the whole. I finally ended adding my personal touch with my plastic fork and one red bean… On the right side of the door, 30 centimeters away from the greenish ceiling, there was a specific engraving that seemed to have been carefully and very technically made, I could just not stop staring at it, its words were: NINA I LOVE YOU! 25 DAYS. WOWA. VILNIUS. 1981. »