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Repositions: Postcards
Rectified searches for chris, fog and road
Untitled, 1999

After more or less abandoning photography as a singular activity in the early 90s, Chris Fortescue worked with room installations, generating interplays between objects, images and sound. He established SOUTH gallery with Simon Barney in 1998.
At the end of the century he moved to Vienna, where his interest in photography was rekindled through digital processes and the internet. During this period he also worked with the Linz based collective TimesUp on their Anchortronic project, made online text animations and sound pieces, and collaborated with other artists as a sound designer and web consultant. He completed a PhD at the Australian National University in 2009. He is currently based in Vienna.

Chris Fortescue "College", 2006
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Chris Fortescue "Hospital", 2007
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Chris Fortescue "Powerstation", 2007
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Chris Fortescue "Absolutism", 2007
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