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Danila Tkachenko is a visual artist working with documentary photography. The main theme of his work is the identity. In the debut project “Transitional Age" he is interested in the transformation of a teenager’s identity – a child becomes an adult. In his following project "Escape" the focus shifts to the opposition of the individual and society. Danila researches the experience of hermits – people who live through decades alone with nature –and tries to find the answer for the critical questions: whether the individual freed from social environment becomes closer to his “true” self; and what happens to personality when it loses its "social mask." His recent project "Restricted Areas" is reflecting on the identity of a civilisation and its relations with technological advances. Deserted places that were once sites of national importance, buildings and machinery which are now relics of the past are photographed in a vacuum white space of eternal winter.


2011-2014 Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia, department of documentary photography (supervisor Valeriy Nistratov). Moscow, Russia

2013 Workshop with Davide Monteleone. Moscow, Russia

2012 Workshop "How to turn your project into a great photobook" (Hannes Wanderer, Peperoni Books). Moscow, Russia

2012 Workshop “From history in pictures to multimedia presentation” (Bas Vroege, Paradox photography). Moscow, Russia

2009-2010 School of photojournalism "News". Moscow, Russia






• Gabriele Basilico Prize in Architecture and Landscape Photography (Finalist)

• lacritique.org Award - Voies Off (Winner)

• Emerging Photographer Fund grant (Winner)

• Foam Talent (Winner)

• Leica Oskar Barnack Award (Finalist)

• PDN Photo Annual (Personal Ñategory, Winner)

• European Publishers Award For Photography (Winner)

• CENTER Choice Awards (Director's Choice, Winner 1st place)

• LensCulture Exposure Awards (Winner 1st place Series) 

• 30 under 30, Magnum photos (Winner)

•  Photobook Melbourne Image Award, Australia (Finalist)


• Voies Off, France (Short list / Selections)

• PHOTOVISA, Russia (Photoseries, 2nd prize)

• Organ Vida, Croatia (Finalist)

• Leica Oscar Barnack Award, Germany (Newcomer shortlist)

• PDN Photo Annual, USA (Student Work, Winner)

• World Press Photo, Netherlands (Staged Portraits, 1st prize stories)

• 30 Under 30, Magnum photos (Shortlist)


• Silver camera, Russia (Faces, Special prize)

• Young man in the 21st century, Lithuania (Special prize)


Danila TKACHENKO Airplane – amphibia with vertical take-off VVA14. Russia, Moscow area, 2013
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Danila TKACHENKO Former residential buildings in a deserted polar scientific town. Russia, Komi Republic, 2014
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Danila TKACHENKO Tropospheric antenna. Russia. Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, 2014
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Danila TKACHENKO Pumpjacks on a spent oil field. Russia, Republic of Bashkortostan, 2014
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Danila TKACHENKO Deserted observatory. Kazakhstan, Almaty region, 2015
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Danila TKACHENKO Antenna built for interplanetary connection. Russia, Arkhangelsk region, 2013
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Danila TKACHENKO Stages of the space rockets. Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda region, 2013
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Danila TKACHENKO Headquarters of Communist Party. Bulgaria, Yugoiztochen region, 2015
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Danila TKACHENKO Sarcophagus over a closed shaft of 4 km deep. Russia, Murmansk region, 2013
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Danila TKACHENKO Excavator on a closed quarry. Russia, Moscow region, 2015
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Danila TKACHENKO Ruins of experimental laser system “ZET”. Kazakhstan, Karaganda region, 2015
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Danila TKACHENKO Scientific storage at far North. Russia, Komi republic, 2014
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Danila TKACHENKO Deserted observatory. Kazakhstan, Almaty region, 2015
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Danila TKACHENKO Part of an unfinished space port, Kazakhstan, 2013
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Danila TKACHENKO Monument to the Conquerors of Space. Russia, Moscow, 2015
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Danila TKACHENKO ”Bulgaria&quot; ship lifted from underwater, Russia, Tatarstan republic, 2014
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Danila TKACHENKO Memorial on a deserted nuclear station. Russia, Voronezh region, 2015
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