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Teenagers of Saint Petersburg
Figures and bodies

Solo exhibitions (selection)

2010 - « Look me in my eyes. New russian photography », Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen
2009 - « Troubled age », RTR gallery
Art Espace 22 , Brussels
2007 - Nailya Alexander Gallery, New York
2006 - « Royal Ballet », Museum of Theater, Saint Petersburg
2001 - Goethe cultural centre, Saint Petersbourg
2000 - "Los Juegos de los Ninos", 3rd photo and documentary festival, Mexico
Goethe cultural centre, Saint Peterburg
"Saint Petersburg Anomaly" , Photoimage Gallery, Saint Petersbourg
"Times of Infinite Desires", "ART-Aorta" gallery , Kishinev, Moldovia
1999 - "The Adolescents of Saint Petersburg", Soardi, workshop Nice, France (catal.)
1998 - " Story of Seeing 98", Photographic and Image month, Museum Pierre Noêl, Saint-Die, France
Galerry 4. Cheb, Czech.Republic
1997 - 'St Petersburg Youth", Fotofestival Naarden, Amsterdam
"Etats", gallery "Old Village Saint Peterbourg
1996 - "Environement of Two Children", 1st biannual festival of Photography , Moscow, catalogue
R DE JENES - Poirel Gallery , Nancy, France

Group exhibitions (selection)

2010 - « Russians ! Photographic portrait 1970-2010 », OREL ART gallery, Paris
2009 - With Roger Ballen, Jeffrey Silverthorne, Aino Kannisto, Wolfsen gallery, Aalborg, Danemark
« On the path of Tourgenev », De Belfroi gallery, Namur, Belgique
2000 - New Era / New Work : Russian Photography, Northlight Gallery, Tempe, Arizona, USA
20 / 20 - Photographic Acquisitions of 20th century , Museum of Fine Arts, New Mexico, USA
1999 - Art Document Photo, International Fair, Pleven, Bulgaria (Grand prize, catalogue)
1998 - 5th Photo biannual of de Saint Petersburg, "Art collegiya" Gallery
New Russian Photography. Erholungshaus der Bayer AG, Leverkusen, Germany (catalogue)
1997 - 100 Best photographs, Competition "Izvestia-Canon", Kremlin, Moscow (Special Prize of the state palace of Kremlin)
Photography of modernism, The Armory, New York, USA
Russia: Chronicle of Change, Washington Centre of Photography, Washington, USA
1996 - Russia: Chronicle of Change, South-east Museum of Photography, Daytona Beach, USA
Renewal and metamrphesis of Russian photographers from the Soviet years till the 90s., Museum of M.I.T., Fitchburg art museum. (1997), USA
Changes of live, club "Zerkalo", Saint Peterburg (catalogue)
Man and Scenery, Bad Homburg, Germany
New photography-96, International phot fair Belgrad, Yougoslavia (Gold Medal)
Autoidentification, Russian Museum Saint Peterburg (catalogue)
1994 - Recent Artistic Photography in Russia, Frankfurt-Dusseldorf-Karlsruhe-Gannover-Gerten, Germany
Autoidentification. Positions in the art of Saint Petersburg from 1970 till today. Kiel, Berlin, Germany; Oslo, Norway; Sopot, Poland.(catalogue)
Young Russian Photographers, Pushkin centre, Paris
1993 - Contemporary Russian Photography, Alla Rogers Gallery, Washington, USA
Fotopostscroptum, Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg (catalogue)
1992 - Russian Photographic Experiences, Month of Photography, Grand Ecran d'Atrium, Paris
"Child" International Photo biannual, Pila, Poland (silver medal, catalogue)
1991 - Changing Reality. Recent Soviet photography, Corcoran Gallery, Washington, USA (catalogue)

Evgeny Mokhorev, "Mykha with a sword", 2007, gelatin silver print
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Evgeny Mokhorev, "Yvan and Nastya", 2007, gelatin silver print
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Evgeny Mokhorev, "Yasia with white dress", gelatin silver print
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Evgeny Mokhorev, "Mykha", 2007, gelatin silver print
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Evgeny Mokhorev, "Anton with a revoler", 1991, gelatin silver print
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Evgeny Mokhorev, "Oleg and the doll", 1996, gelatin silver print
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