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Teenagers of Saint Petersburg
Figures and bodies

Mokhorev touches to sensitive topics as adolescence, age of every pursuit of identity. The transition from childhood to adulthood is explained with the finesse of Bunin, the pain and the depth of Dostoevsky, the elegance and the eroticism of Mapplethorpe. No false notes.

In a commonplace of dilapidated "kommunalka"  or in a faded studio, with close-ups on the face, or situation, Mokhorev stages, in a flawless manner, the ambiguous links and tensions between the elements or individuals. The curves of bodies are parts of the decor, and vice versa. He composes and sculpts with his camera. He prefers to seek his models in poor backgrounds, where the contact establishes more easily. He has favourite models he has followed for years, who were photographed as 1ten-year-old children and are young men today.

For 20 years, Evgeny Mokhorev has been looking for the mystery of adolescence. A fragile world, almost unknown, and dangerously attractive. His photographs and his subjects affect us and aspire us, call us and challenge us.

Without concession. In Russian style.

Evgeny Mokhorev, "Mykha with a sword", 2007, gelatin silver print
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Evgeny Mokhorev, "Yvan and Nastya", 2007, gelatin silver print
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Evgeny Mokhorev, "Yasia with white dress", gelatin silver print
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Evgeny Mokhorev, "Mykha", 2007, gelatin silver print
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Evgeny Mokhorev, "Anton with a revoler", 1991, gelatin silver print
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Evgeny Mokhorev, "Oleg and the doll", 1996, gelatin silver print
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